The Intersection of Indigenous Protocols and Christian Doctrine

The Intersection of Indigenous Protocols and Christian Doctrine

In recent years, the Presbyterian Church has found itself at the center of a passionate debate concerning the compatibility of Indigenous protocols, such as Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country, with Christian doctrine. This debate has been intensified by the views expressed by Cornerstone Presbyterian Church minister Mark Powell, who argues that these Indigenous practices clash with the core tenets of Christianity. However, it is essential to recognize that this issue is far from straightforward, as the 2023 Presbyterian Federal Assembly has concluded that Indigenous practices often contain elements of spirituality that align with Christian beliefs. In this article, we will explore the contrasting perspectives on this issue and the broader questions it raises about religious tolerance and cultural integration.

The Clash of Worldviews

At the heart of this debate lies a clash of worldviews. Minister Mark Powell contends that Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country incorporate an Indigenous pantheistic worldview that fundamentally differs from Christian teachings. He argues that these practices, rooted in the connection to land and nature, stand in opposition to the Christian message, which centers on a “gospel of reconciliation.” According to Powell, the Christian message is about reconciling individuals to God and promoting unity among people.

The Christian Perspective

Powell emphasizes the dual nature of Christian reconciliation – both vertically with God and horizontally among people. From his perspective, Indigenous practices may undermine the core Christian principle of reconciliation between individuals and God. Powell’s concerns echo the sentiments of the Presbyterian Church’s general assembly, which officially declared that this Indigenous worldview is incompatible with the worship of Christ.

A Debate Within the Church

A Debate Within the Church

The clash between Indigenous spirituality and Christian beliefs has sparked a significant debate within the Presbyterian Church. Some members argue that Indigenous protocols can coexist with Christian doctrine, citing the alignment of certain spiritual elements. They argue that recognizing and respecting Indigenous traditions is a matter of cultural sensitivity and openness.

Religious Tolerance and Cultural Integration

The intersection of Indigenous traditions and Christianity raises broader questions about religious tolerance and cultural integration. Can diverse spiritual practices coexist within the same religious framework? Should the Church adapt to accommodate Indigenous protocols, or should Indigenous individuals adapt their practices to align with Christian doctrine?


The debate surrounding Indigenous protocols and Christian doctrine within the Presbyterian Church is a complex issue that reflects the broader challenges of cultural integration and religious tolerance. While Minister Mark Powell and others argue that these practices clash with Christian beliefs, the 2023 Presbyterian Federal Assembly recognizes the potential for alignment between Indigenous spirituality and Christian values. As the discussion continues, it calls upon the Church to reflect on its core principles of reconciliation, unity, and inclusivity in an evolving cultural landscape. Finding a path forward that respects both Indigenous traditions and Christian doctrine will require thoughtful dialogue and an open-hearted commitment to understanding and harmony.

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